Meditation And Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness, Awakening to Authentic Being



Do you want to live more fully and be more present - to connect to the beauty of everyday life? Do you find that day-to-day busyness distracts you from appreciating what’s around you?  Explore the practice of meditation, gentle yoga, and other ways of developing and sustaining greater awareness, compassion and presence in your life. In this 6-week class, we will learn Mindfulness practices that deeply support our mental, physical and emotional health. Mindfulness allows us to live with greater wellbeing and ease, helping us to connect within to our authentic being.

Through simple, grounded meditations and gentle yoga, we will learn ways of listening to what matters. The intention of this class is for each student to develop a daily Mindfulness practice that works for you. Materials include audio recordings and handouts for home practice. For further information, contact me at [email protected]. See FAQs below.

This class is designed for people with no previous experience of yoga or meditation, as well as those who practice regularly. Cost is $195 for the 6-week session. This class will be held on Saturday mornings 10 AM-11:30 AM, at Swansea Center for Yoga and Mindfulness, 25 Market St in Swansea MA, from March 9– April 13.

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Annie Geissinger LMHC is a psychotherapist based in Warren RI, a musician and teacher who has studied meditation for several years. Her teachings are birthed from the spiritual path A Beauty Way, guided by JiMi Tao, as well as study and practice of Mindfulness, Authentic Movement, yoga, and the creative arts. You can reach her at annie@hawkdance,com or through www.sacredreflectionsofabeauty...


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